Call of Duty: modern warfare 2 for PC or PS3

By joedog
Jun 29, 2009
  1. Aolish

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    Just wanted to give my 2 cents on this topic, apologizes in advance for bumping up an old topic. But the game just came out recently so perhaps maybe more ppl is wanting to know what versions of Modern Warfare 2 to get.

    As far as the two versions go, the XBox 360 and PS3, there isn't any difference between the two versions. But there is a significant difference between the PC and console versions in terms of rendering power. The PC version of MW2 can be rendered at 4-5 times the res (up to 2560x1600) compared to what the console versions are able to do which is only 1024x600 (also called 600p). At 2560x1600 the textures and character models have there highest pixel count making the gfx extremely clear and crisp on the screen.

    MW2 Consoles: 1024x600 = 600p (307,200 pixels)
    MW2 PC: 2560x1600 (4,096,000 pixels)

    In addition, I'll take the mouse+KB scheme anyday over analog with aim assist. You get excellent precision and accuracy with a mouse that you just can't get with an analog. And the fact that most FPS games on consoles always have some sort of aim assist, sticky aim, auto-aim or whatever they call it, makes it another reason why I never like FPS on a console. They seriously need to get rid of that feature. As an owner of a 360 i still have yet to even purchase an FPS game for it just because of this reason alone.
  2. hellokitty[hk]

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    Joysticks are slow :(.
  3. starkk

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    PC all the way...hated the idea of matchmaking till i actually tried it and have been loving it ever since
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