Can an XBOX parts be used in a PC?

By prash
Feb 8, 2005
  1. "All an xbox is, is a gaming PC. If you took the internal bits out of the xbox and put them into your pc, they would work fine"

    A friend swears this is true. Is it? and if so how? and if not why not?
    I didnt think it can be done as they are different architectures.How could the xbox's mobo be connected up to a PC's ATX psu...the agp/pci ide interfaces would not even fit would they?
  2. Darth_Terra1

    Darth_Terra1 TS Rookie Posts: 212

    The Xbox is based on PC architecture ie it uses some chipsets etc but not actual PC parts as such ie you cant upgrade it or replace with PC parts or put Xbox parts in a PC, they are different in configuration and size etc, the OS also is based on NT but is not A standard NT platform such as 2000 or 4 etc, your friend is either having a laugh with you or doesn't really know what he is on about either way he is wrong.
  3. Didou

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    Some parts of it can. The CPU is a hybrid between a P3 & a Celeron & uses the form factor Intel used for laptops at the time. I do believe the hdd can be used once you've destroyed the Xbox partitions which do not use FAT nor NTFS. The DVD-Rom too can be used on a PC if I'm not mistaken. The rest of the parts are soldered to the board so they cannot be removed.
  4. Darth_Terra1

    Darth_Terra1 TS Rookie Posts: 212

    thanks for that info Didou, i thought they were just custom components based on existing Pc components and wouldn't be compatible, oh well you learn something new :)
  5. cogenmaster

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