Can I build a good Gaming PC for around $1,500?

By Robgamer
Jan 25, 2007
  1. Cpt_Subtext

    Cpt_Subtext TS Rookie Posts: 257

    Cool its really not that difficult and there are some brilliant guides about. Not to mention you have the Tech spot Elite to aid with any problems should they come up...
  2. foozy

    foozy TS Rookie Posts: 139


    That's #1 most painful newbie mistake imo :(
  3. Cpt_Subtext

    Cpt_Subtext TS Rookie Posts: 257

    Yeah and dont do what my numbskull friend did when he tried to build his..... Stupid lad put his ram in using a hammer! :S and on another occasion he asked me for help as the heatsink wasnt doing its job properly I told him over the phone to take it off, apply more thermal compound (after cleaning the old stuff off) so what does the numbty do? Takes the fan off when the thing is still powered on! :S
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