Cant fix 'For immediat access click yes'

By bradmiaz
Feb 24, 2006
  1. I keep getting this pop up from Microsoft Internet Explorer saying that 'for immediat access click yes.' There is no yes button and after I click 'ok' of exit out of it I get a script error. Ive ran AOL's Safety and security and the its not picked up under spyware. HELP! I did read a post about the same thing but there is no fixes for it that I found.
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    I hoped you solved the problem already, if you did, maybe you can use the following advice:
    - get a GOOD firewall and Antivir from now on
    - create an user with limited privileges and use that to visit the Web pages.

    Use a cleaning tool (Ad-Aware) on regular basis
    Get a RegCleaner and check manually the installed programs

    Make a backup copy of the partition on which you have Windows installed, using ImageDrive, Norton Ghost or something alike, but ONLY when you have a fresh Windows installed, without entering the Internet!

    If uninstalling fails, next time you'll just restore the image and Presto! You have a new clean system in 10-15 minutes!
    Good luck.
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