CDRW drive clips and slows audio CDs

By fnugen
Jun 29, 2005
  1. I tried playing an audio CD on my cdrw drive and the sound is not choppy...but kind of "clipped" and it is not rhythmic or the actual beat of the music. THe music is also noteably slower than normal. The drive never gets used for audio only installs and the odd burning. It is about 3 yrs old now. I have no problems with missing data installing games and burning anything. I tried playing the same CD on my dvdrw and there are no problems whatso ever.......mind you, the dvd drive is brand new. It also plays the cd at normal speed not slowed down. I tried replacing the cable between the cd drive and the audio card, but same thing. I even bought a new SB live 24bit and it does the same. It was AC97 beforehand. Does anybody have any ideas beyond "buy a new one" ?? It works fine for everything else, but audio is slowed and clipped.
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    Being you have two cd/dvd audio devices, is there any outward
    reason that audio needs to play from cdrw rather than the dvdrw.

    Also to, I believe, the dvdrw should be able to burn cd data as well
    all the dvd things you may do.

    I have kinda the same redundancy as well, my cdrw is a 52x speed
    reader where my dvdrw is only 24x. So I tend to run and install
    games/prog's on the cdrw.

    Ultimately, it may be the laser is dirty or more to the point, if
    your cdrw is belt drive, you may need to:

    1.Remove and clean the belt and drive pulleies.
    2.Replace it. (could be slipping)

    what is the make/model of cdrw?
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