Cheap gaming computer

By Quantex_rox
Aug 19, 2008
  1. I have my old server running as my main computer at my dad's house. I got the motherboard/processor/heatsink/ram free, HD free, Video card Free, sound card free, wifi card free, lan card free, cd/dvd rom free, case free, psu free, monitor free, keyboard free, mouse free and speakers free. And I can run some ok games on it, it will run painkiller at medium settings, farcry on medium settings.


    HP WMTA socket 423 mobo (just a ASUS P4T), 1.7ghz P4 williamette
    512mb (4x 128) PC800 RAMBUS
    AGP 4x 128mb Nvidia FX5200 (very small heatsink with no fan, gets extremely hot, put a 40mm fan on it, cool now,)
    Creative soundblaster 16 pci
    Netgear 54G wifi card
    Old case, 350W rosewill psu.
    NEC Multisync P750 17" monitor, unpowered JBL compaq speakers, Micron win95 keyboard, "compaq" microsoft mouse.

    Originally had a Radeon 7000 64mb PCI card in it, but that wouldn't even run painkiller at lowest possible settings.
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