Chipset for Dell Dimension 3000

By rsuaz
Apr 20, 2006
  1. Sorry to ask such as stupid question, but I own a Dell Dimension 3000 with a Celeron D processor, 2.4Ghz.

    I want to buy a stick of memory, but I'm concerned regarding the chipset (I don't know where to find it, and I'm on a different computer).

    Are any of these chipsets on the Dimension 3000?

    VIA P4X266A - VIA KT266/333 - VIA KT600 (except ASUS KT600) - VIA PT800 - SIS 645
    SIS 648 - 648FX - SIS 746FX - KM400 - K8T800 - KT880 - KT 400 - KT 400A
    SIS 661FX - SIS 655 - SIS 650GX - SIS 650 - NFORCE 250GB - ULI CHIPSETS - INTEL 915

    Any help would be appreciated.
  2. Coolmatt

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  3. rsuaz

    rsuaz TS Rookie Topic Starter

    You are the man. Thank you so much! I'm new to the site, so consider me the "new fool." Thanks again!!
  4. Coolmatt

    Coolmatt TS Rookie Posts: 66

    No problem, anytime.
  5. rsuaz

    rsuaz TS Rookie Topic Starter

    In your opinion, do you think these specs would be compatible with my Dimension 3000 Celeron D?

    Single 1024MB (1GB) DIMM
    PC3200 400Mhz DDR Memory
    Chip Configuration: 128x64
    Chip Density: 128x4 (High Density)
    Unbuffered & Non Ecc
    Non Registered
    Voltage: 2.5V CAS Latency: 3
    Double-Sided With 8 Chips Per Side
    184 Gold-Plated Pins, SPD Support
    TRUE 1GB DIMM (not reprogrammed)
    Warranty Term: LIFETIME

    Everything seems to match, but I'm not sure about the whole "chipset" thing.
  6. Coolmatt

    Coolmatt TS Rookie Posts: 66

    Looks good, but I don't think that the chipset of the Mobo has a huge effect on what RAM to get. It's more about compatibility with the mobo and what it can support.

    Give me a link of site you are getting it off of.
  7. rsuaz

    rsuaz TS Rookie Topic Starter

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