Clueless regarding PSUs

By Legosheep
Jul 9, 2010
  1. My computer had been experiencing problems and I have deduced that a faulty PSU is to blame. Obviously I need a new one however I have no idea what PSUs would be suitable. My current one claims to run at 550W. Will the new one have to run at 550w too or is there leeway? Will any PSU fit in my computer or might some be too big?

    I've searced the internet for answers but google is being it's usual useless self.

    My rig is very old (about 5 or more years) but it still works well other than the faulty PSU. It has 1GB of ram and a 256mb graphics card. It has 2 CD drives and a floppy drive and a 2.8GHz processor.

    The PSU I have (that came with the computer) is an "EZcool ATX-550 JSP"

    So what specs would my new PSU need to conform to and do you have any suggestions as to which PSU I should buy? Please be aware that I reside in England when posting links to shopping websites. I'm not looking to spend too much on a new PSU but I need my computer to work again.
  2. Ritwik7

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    Firstly, how do you know that your PSU is at fault?

    Any decent 400W PSU will be more than enough for your PC. What's your budget?
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