cmedia/5.1creative speakers no centre speaker sound

By mach2003
Nov 6, 2003
  1. Ive just purchased a cmedia CM18738 soundcard and some 5.1 creative speakers but im getting no sound from my centre speaker. Ive downloaded the lastest driver for CM18738 but i can only get centre speaker sound when using audio rack/multi channel demo(cmedia software).

    I've set surround sound to 5.1 in control panel, not sure what else i can do. I would appreciate any help.

    thanks, John.
  2. Mazdaman

    Mazdaman TS Rookie

    The sollution is here...

    Get yourself a SUR_CEN cable. This cable has two mini-jack connections (one for the center speaker/woofer and the other one is used for rear r/l). Most of these cables also come with a SPDIF_IO connection, and a bracket... ;)

    After I tried almost everything (new drivers, biosupgrades...) I'd thought I'd give it a try. And it works for me, so... good luck! BTW, make sure u select the option in the configuration utility, otherwise it will not work....
  3. count_drat

    count_drat TS Rookie

    do you know where?

    do you know where i can get this cable? my speakers needs this cable to be able to play surround.


  4. Mazdaman

    Mazdaman TS Rookie

    Try this

    Most of the time this cable comes with the mainboard, but since you don't have it you may try to contact your local computerstore. There's a big chance that they have to order it for you, but it's worth it.

    If there's a big pricetag for this cable you may consider to get yourself a descent soundcard that doesn't need all this hassle. The prices for these cables could be pretty high because they probably have to order it for you... :(
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