Nov 9, 2009
  1. hello- i run a dell computer with all the up to date internal parts,sound card etc.
    i keep getting error messages either for audio or video codecs are missing when playing downloaded videos and movies from the internet.
    i was a computer programmer 30 years ago but am a newbie with almost all the desktop's tech. today.
    the last message i got was code C00D11DF was missing. is there a way to download all the codecs needded for windows xp pro? if so where from. i have done searching for these and it's very confessing to this old man what i need to download.
    all that i have found is free download-then they want an arm and a leg for their expensive programms that i can't afford.
    i posted this same info. last night and have not heard anything back.(of course it's probably my fault, because i don't know what a "thread" is).
    please help-and advise if i need to log back on to this site, or will recieve an email
    i have posted to this site?
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    Pick one or the other of those, don't use both.
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    be careful there. This is also a known ruse; load a media file and you get a prompt
    you need another CODEC to view this file; download it now?​
    or some such. If you do, they gotcha!

    install only known codec from known locations to be save :)
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