Compellent plans 900GB, 10K RPM notebook drives

By Jos
May 7, 2010
  1. Storage company Compellent Technologies -- better known for enterprise oriented products like the Storage Center SAN -- has disclosed plans to upgrade notebook drives with faster speeds and higher capacities. Speaking at its C-Drive conference, company representatives suggested a 900GB 2.5-inch drive will soon be capable of running at 10,000 RPM. That's a 50% improvement over Western Digital's latest VelociRaptor line of 10K spinners.

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  2. Given that even the cheapest SSD will wipe the floor with a 10K mechanical drive, and be cooler with less energy usage -- WHY are they trying to increase mechanical notebook drive rotational speeds?

    7200 rpm drives already use quite a bit of power and are running pretty hot -- hate to imagine a 10K or a 15K drive in such an environment...
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