Computer reboots when trying to uninstall or disable pci modem

By lonewolf147
Feb 12, 2006
  1. I've just built a new computer. ASUS motherboard, 1GB RAM, 2.8 Intel CPU. The computer itself runs great. The problem I have is getting the Creative Blaster 56k modem to work. This problem isn't limited to just this modem, I've tried this with several other modems too.

    When I install the modem, the Device Manager recognizes a PCI Simple Communications Device but cannot automatically find the drivers. Even when I point the wizard to the correct drivers, it fails to find them. Then I manually intsall the drivers. Afterwhich, the correct modem is displayed in teh device manager, but is inopperative due to 'Error 12' 'Not enough sytem resources available to enable this device' I've found no conficts with any other device, so I don't know where that message comes from.

    Then, from this point, whenever I try to Uninstall or Disable the modem, the computer instantly reboots. I have to run System Restore and go back in order to remove the manually installed drivers.

    This is very frustrating, I've found no help on the web by searching... anyone here have ideas?
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