Computer shutting down automatically

By toocool031074
Jan 13, 2010
  1. Okay, I am at wits end with this problem. I replaced the power supply with a larger one (Corsair 650W), replaced case with more fans, reseated CPU and added some more heat sink compound (Cleaned off old stuff). Could it be the video card is overheating where it is shutting the computer down? I have an 8800 GTS, which does got extremely hot (Where I have to put a house fan on the case?) Should I replace that graphics card for this motherboard combo that has on-board video on it?
  2. Spiders

    Spiders TS Member Posts: 46

    Did you change any other components out recently, or this just started?
  3. toocool031074

    toocool031074 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    The only thing I have swapped out is the case and power supply.
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