Computer won't post after i changed bios memory settings

By Punk_youth
Jun 15, 2006
  1. ok, so i'm pretty sure i'm hooped. on my barton 2500 (or somewhere around that) asus a7n8x-x computer, i changed the memory frequency to 200% so that the resulting frequency is 400 MHz (2 stix of pc3200 512Mb RAM)after saving to bios and exiting, the computer showed no response. assuming the values were incorrect, (i reset the computer, and it wouldn't post) i cleared the bios (RTC) and figured this was enough. wrong. the computer wouldn't post still, and obviously, no video signal. i tested the ram in my current computer and it works. am i to assume that i fried the MOBO by altering the ram settings?
  2. zephead

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    perhaps you didn't fully reset the CMOS, i'd take the battery out for awhile. PC 3200 memory is the same as DDR 400 and it is supposed to run at 200 MHz.
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  4. Punk_youth

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    well, in my desperation, i started moving the clear rtc jumper with the computer on (so to speak). managed to get a POST. won't be doingn that again any time soon. thanks for your help. computer works again (with the exception of its original symptems.

    p.s. - pencil shavings, i was "experimenting". lol.
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