Computer Wont' Recognize Dig. Camera

By jakethesnake
Feb 26, 2005
  1. Hey. I have a Samsung Digimax 401 digital camera. It work's great -- takes nice pictures and they look good on the computer. I have installed the software and it works, but when I go to the "Control Pannel" and the "Scanners & Camreas" on my XP computer, the only camera it recognizes is my Logitech QuickCam Messenger webcam. Even when I connect the dig. camera to the computer via USB Port, it brings up the software but lists it as a "removable device" in my computer, not as a scanner or camera. I have tried clicking the "Add an Imaging Device" option on the "Scanners & Cameras", but my camera isn't listed and when it says insert disk, I do and it does nothing. Can anyone help, please!?
  2. Nodsu

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    Your camera doesn't have to be recognised as a "camera" in Windows sense.

    If you connect it it will appear as en extra disk drive and you can access the pictures on that drive.

    Actually the cameras that act as storage devices are much more hassle free than those that use the camera interface.
  3. jakethesnake

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    Oh, alright. Don't get me wrong, the camera works great, but I was just wondering why it didn't show up in the camera folder.

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