Connected to internet, but icon says disconnected.

By sebmills25
Dec 4, 2007
  1. OK, this is crazy.

    I have been connected to my wireless internet for 2 years now, with no major issues. Then, two days ago, when i connected, the icon in the system tray states i am disconnected. (red cross) This the same for both desktop and Laptop

    However i am in fact connected and surfing the net even though it says disconnected. Then every 9 minutes, sometimes more often, the desktop, laptop and mac all get disconnected. So i reconnect manually...still red cross in corner.

    So i replaced the router, Netgear DG834Gv2 with the same model, and still same problem.

    ????? Why is this? Its madness i tell you.
  2. sebmills25

    sebmills25 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Its ok, I have fixed the problem.

    I believe I have replicated this issue and found a solution.

    In my testing, this issue was caused when a Win XP SP2 machine established
    an automatic connection to a wireless network secured with WPA-PSK and the
    security was then removed from the wireless network. Each time that the Win
    XP SP2 machine connected to the wireless network after the WPA-PSK security
    had been removed the symptoms I described in my post above were experienced.
    This happened across various vendors machines, various vendors wireless
    adapters and both with and without the vendor's wireless utility installed.

    To resolve this issue (assumes you are using Windows to manage your wireless

    1. Right click the windows wireless network in the system tray, click "View
    Available Wireless Networks" and then click "Change Advanced Settings"
    (bottom right corner of the Window).

    2. Click the "Wireless Networks" tab and remove the wireless network from
    the Preferred networks list and reboot the machine.

    3. Re-connect to the wireless network.

    After re-connecting the issue was resolved.

    Thank you for reading guys.
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