Constant 'dry noise' coming from speakers?

By BlackScarlet
Mar 11, 2012
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  1. I just reformatted and reinstalled windows, totally updated all my drivers and everything is like it was before -- no change in hardware configuration either, but now I notice a buzzing/scratchy noise coming from my speakers all of the time.

    Under inspection of the volume board, I see that under Realtek Audio output, the entry "Front" is the one controlling this sound, when I lower the volume the sound goes away. However, all other sound is lowered too.

    I don't know what this problem could be since I never have experienced it before and I did not do any hardware changes that could have resulted in any kind of wiring issues.
  2. Leeky

    Leeky TS Evangelist Posts: 3,797   +116

    Try getting the latest driver from the manufacturer of the sound card, or if its onboard sound, from the motherboard makers website.
  3. Zen

    Zen TechSpot Paladin Posts: 861   +45

    A small side fact here about this, Leeky's recommendation will probably fix this issue, if it hasn't fixed it already. But about every 6 months or so I unplug all the speaker jacks out of my sound card, and with a small cotton ball, with just a little dab of rubbing alcohol, I clean off the jack plug. The chemicals off peoples hands, dust, dirt, and dander and anything else that might be able to get in the way of a decent connection will make for similar issues.

    Just something to think about! :)
  4. Michelle929

    Michelle929 TS Rookie

    Nothing to do with soundcard

    It may have nothing to do with the soundcard. It could probably on a ground cable of your audio system which is loose. Try another speakers. If the buzzing sound persist, check the input jack terminals for loose connections. I see it as a grounding problem.

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