Convertxtodvd freeze ups

By Sloppy998
May 16, 2008
  1. Hi ppl me again:p

    I have been having a problem with the program ConvertXtoDvd which is bugging me a little bit. Until today i thought that my computer didnt like the program as it kept freezing within 1-5 minutes of the program being run. Today i uninstalled it and installed a very old version of the software. So far so good but i was wondering if anybody had any idea why it would crash with the newer versions.

    EDIT: Okayy so the old version just crashed on me twice. I dont have a clue why?! Im running vista with Q9450 cpu, 850w psu, 9800 gtx2 gpu, asus striker II mobo. I just updated my mobo's drivers and gpu's drivers. It seems like the game Crysis is also crashing on me but less regulary but thats a different story:/

    Any help would be most appreciated. Thnx
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    Recently, I found a dvd burn software, name is Total Video2Dvd Author, and convertxtodvd similar function, but the interface more beautiful than it, I love Total Video2Dvd Author. maybe can try it too. hope it can help u,

    u can google it.

    Total Video2Dvd Author
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