Cooler Master RS-430-PMAR playing up??

By mc2003
Sep 15, 2005
  1. My specs are

    Pentium 521
    ECS PF4 extreme
    2 x 512mb Syncmax ddr2 533mhz
    Forsa 256mb 6600
    Samsung 160gb Sata
    Seagate 60gb Pata
    Nec 2500a
    Cooler Master Rs-430-PMAR

    Recently built the above system and every thing is all fine. I do a lot of video/audio conversions + downloading continuously for 24hrs and have the computer on for many days even wks without ever having a problem.

    However, recently i notice some funny readings from speedfan v4.25 on the 12 read:

    Vcore: 1.33v
    +12v: 5.65v
    3.3v: 3.34v
    Vcc: 4.99v
    Vin2: 0.00v
    5Vsb: 4.93v
    Vbat: 0.00v

    does that mean i have a faulty psu or is it normal cos the 12v is on 2 railings and speedfan is only reading one of them?

    i also read that theres a software that can stress test a psu....i cant recall the name but i think it begins with the letter o, any one has an idea?

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