CPU?? Help needed

By Pete06
Jul 4, 2006
  1. Hi, Sorry if this has been answered before, but i dont know much about what has happened.

    Anyway, when i play games the computer seems to keep cutting out. Then when i try to switch it back on nothing happens. After a couple of goes switching it on and off, it finally comes on and a screen comes up to do with CPU speed and settings. It says on one bit of the screen that during the last boot up your system has hung up due to an improper CPU speed. I have tried loading the default settings and saving them, but this some times works and some time the computer just cuts out.

    Please help!

  2. tomrca

    tomrca TS Rookie Posts: 1,000

    has someone increased the cpu speed (clocked) have a look at the chip frequency
  3. Pete06

    Pete06 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Not that i know of. how do i find out the chip frequency?
  4. tomrca

    tomrca TS Rookie Posts: 1,000

    you can find it in the bios, system information or download the free everesthome from here . it gives quite a comprehensive view of what is in your PC.
    try the link now
  5. Pete06

    Pete06 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    The chip frequency is 2000MHz. Its an AMD athlon cpu.
  6. KingCody

    KingCody TS Evangelist Posts: 992   +8

    Hi pete and welcome to techspot :)

    1. athlons do not operate that fast. you obviously have an AthlonXP or an Athlon64.

    2. when you refer to the "default settings", are you referring to the BIOS or some windows application?

    3. are you running the latest BIOS version for your motherboard?

    4. is the CMOS battery good?

    5. did you recently add or remove any hardware components? or install or uninstall any software components?

    post some system specs including:
    1. motherboard make, model, and BIOS version
    2. Exact CPU model (including core)
    3. PSU make, model, wattage, and +12v rail amperage

    everest home edition will give you the answers to 1 and 2, as for the PSU just look at the label on the side of it.
  7. tomrca

    tomrca TS Rookie Posts: 1,000

    everesthome free version is discontinued, nevertheless it is still available from here
  8. Pete06

    Pete06 TS Rookie Topic Starter


    I have an AMD Athlon XP. I think the default settings are for the BIOS. I'm not sure if i have the lastest BIOS version for my motherboard. I have'nt uninstalled any software for a while. Sorry Im not sure how to find out about the CMOS battery.

    Motherboard Name: Asus A7V8X-X (6 PCI, 1 AGP, 3 DDR DIMM, Audio, LAN)
    Motherboard Chipset: VIA VT8377 Apollo KT400
    BIOS: Award Modular 02/13/03
    CPU Type: AMD Athlon XP 2000Mhz (15 x 133) 2400+
    PSU: Aquarius ATX 300 P4 (Output power is 300W. I think the +12 rail amperage is 15A)

    I have played on the games plenty of other times before and this has never happened. :(
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