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By filipmike33
Apr 4, 2006
  1. today right when i got home from school, i turned on my Computer and 15minutes later, it froze. So i reseted the computer and yet it froze again, so i looked at the temp and its 64c, is that bad? I have 3 fans. Now on the screen it says Error, CPU has changed..then i forgot what else it said, i remember it told me to change things on my CMOS.

    Can anyone help me out?

    Should i re apply a thermal paste? (can anyone give me a good tut for sure its self explanatory but i just want to make sure)
    Should i reset my CMOS?

    whats wrong?
  2. steve67474

    steve67474 TS Rookie

    firstly has this been working ok and have you made any changes. when you say you resetted the computer I assume you just pressed the reset button. when it froze where did you read the temprature from? You say you have three fans. are all these and the cpu fan turning when you power on? what bios is it and can you enter it wehen it powers up?
  3. filipmike33

    filipmike33 TS Member Topic Starter Posts: 34

    Its been working fine for a good 2months. It was originally 2.66GHZ but i clocked it to 3.0 (thats not too much is it?). Yes i resetted it by pressing the button. I read the temp on the BIOs screen and read it from there. Then it froze again and i resetted once more and on the screen (right on the memory test) the error popped up. So I went back to the BIOs screen to try and fix it but it froze once more, then i turned it off, turned it back on and nothing was showing on the screen. But the fan were spinning, the mobo light is on, everything seems fine, but NOTHING is showing on the screen. I tried turning it on again this morning and yet nothing. I looked at my CPU and there's still thermal paste on it...did my CPU overheat? should i get a new one? Right when i get off school i'll be going to bestbuy and buying a thermal paste, please help ASAP. thanks in advance
  4. steve67474

    steve67474 TS Rookie

    It sounds like you cooked the cpu. What CPU is it and what mobo. You will always increase the temp of a CPU when you overclock. I don't know if the amount you have overclocked it by is acceptable as I dont know the cpu or mobo but to me it sounds like u fried the CPU and no amount of thermal paste will revive it. Would value another opinion tho.
  5. filipmike33

    filipmike33 TS Member Topic Starter Posts: 34

    ECS848P-A7 motherboard along with a Intel Penitium 4 Processor 506+ (2.66GHZ, 533MHS FSB, 1MB L2Cache). I bought a 2year warranty at Fry's electronics, i'll wait for another response until i drive 20miles to the nearest fry's electronics.
  6. Tedster

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    extended warranties are complete waste of money and almost pure profit for retailers - especially for electronics. Most electonics have a 90 days manufactuer warranty. By the time your item goes bad, it's usually time to replace anyway. If you have to fix a product in less than two years, the brand isn't worth buying.

    Let me find that salesman, maybe I can hire him to sell some Florida swampland for me.
  7. filipmike33

    filipmike33 TS Member Topic Starter Posts: 34

    I jsut want to make sure, plus its only $20 more. But that didnt really help my situation.
  8. filipmike33

    filipmike33 TS Member Topic Starter Posts: 34

    So its my CPU thats busted? maan that sucks.
  9. filipmike33

    filipmike33 TS Member Topic Starter Posts: 34

    I guess it really is, Though i would have liked another response. I'll post what happened
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