Cpu temp questions

By kesler
Mar 6, 2008
  1. Cpu temp questions please read

    I just installes a new heatsink and fan on a amd athlon xp 2500+ 1.84 ghz . the idle temp before was 34 now it idles at 45. It runs well however should this temp be a concern for this chip? I used a cooper heatsink and artic silver5. Most of my computers i can get to idle at 35-39.
    I also have a new P4 3.20 that no matter what I do it idles at 54. It is running vista mone basic if that matters. Should I be concerned about this one?
    Can anyone direct me to a free site that I can run a program to see these temps at high load? Thank you
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    Heat dissipation is also greatly affected by heatsink fan speed/air flow.

    Is the new fan slower or setup differently in bios or connected differently?
  4. kesler

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    The new fan runs slower
  5. kesler

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    are my temps too hot for these cpu's? How about the web site to test temps at full load?
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    The P4 is not too hot - if that is the Prescott, it will throttle at about 72 C. In fact, most Asus boards supporting the 775 P4 have a lower thermal target of about 50-52 for the Q-fan operation (fan runs slower until temps rise and the target temp is 52 C, so at idle doing little the fan is quieter).

    I have no knowledge of the AMD issue.

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    Those temps aren't too bad, and this may seem stupid but you need to check the simple stuff too: is your heatsink clean? I get mats of dust that totally block airflow and will raise my idle temps for my FX-62 from 35-40C to 50+C. And is the P4 *ALWAYS* at 54C? as in no change what-so-ever (even if you open your case and put a fan on it etc)? because that could just mean the temp sensor is shot.
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