Creative Soundblaster live 5.1

By long7time
Mar 24, 2006
  1. Today I noticed my left and right speakers on my PC were not working, only 1 side of them were on.

    I have Soundblaster 5.1 DR release 1.4.20, I had all of the creative applications installed. I could not get of them to launch. I put in my creative CD and attempted to use the repair feature of the CD but received a error. I ran the CD again and attempted to remove all applications so I could reinstall and recieved this error 1/2 way thru the uninstall

    Unhandled Exception
    Error: 0x80040201
    An event was unable to invoke any of the subscribers

    Then the program shut down. Now I cannnot install or remove any of the creative soundblaster application from this factory disk. I recieve the same error each time I try. I have now lost the creative applications I once had. My sound still works thanks goodness but I want to know how to correct my software issue.
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