Crysis demo performance in-depth

By Julio Franco
Oct 29, 2007
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  1. Per Hansson

    Per Hansson TS Server Guru Posts: 1,929   +186

    Here are some tests with my new computer running Windows 2000 Advanced Server
    Windows 2000 does licensing differently to XP; it does not differniate between two physical CPU's and two CPU's on a single CPU package, i.e. dual core. Therefore Win2K Professional only supports 2 cores, Server 4 Cores and Advanced Server 8 cores.
    So why Advanced server and not just server you ask? it's because Advanced server supports up to 8GB of RAM with Physical Address Extensions. I however found out that both my Auzentech X-Meridian and Creative X-Fi don't have compatible drivers for PAE so I had to limit my RAM to what any other normal 32-bit OS gets, ca 3.4GB in this case...
    Without the soundcard drivers installed I was able to use all 8GB with no issues at all, take note tho that in a 32bit OS a single process can only allocate a max of 2GB RAM anyway unless it is coded to support Address Windowing Extensions but that is soley for enterprise server applications...

    Now for the performance, thing is since I was testing the soundcards I found out that they don't affect the performance at all, both the Auzentech X-Meridian and Creative X-fi gets exactly the same performance in Crysis as with running with no soundcard at all... (Which makes me all the more happy about having ditched my X-fi for my regular usage)

    Windows 2000 Advanced Server:
    Average FPS: 33.24
    Min FPS: 11.91
    Max FPS: 39.41

    So there you have it, Windows 2000 Advanced Server is 1.16% faster than Windows XP x64 on my new computer :)

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