Custom PC keeps freezing, can't figure it out

By swfreak182
May 2, 2006
  1. Hey

    This is the problem:

    It freezes all the time. No rhyme or reason, sometimes as quickly as
    during start up sometimes it will work for two hours and then freeze.
    Sometimes when burning CD, sometimes when surfing internet, sometimes
    when looking at slideshow of pictures. It won't start in safe mode
    either for some reason. I guess when he was building it he had a
    problem with it freezing when he was installing Windows onto
    this problem has been happening on and off ever since the beginning.
    (I got it in November but just hooked up to the internet last Friday)
    It's just gotten worse as time progresses. We thought it might be the
    video card but swapped that out and it still happened. Also thought
    it might be overheating but that doesnt hold since sometimes it will
    happen first thing of the day and sometimes after being on for

    This is what is in it:

    Currently you have:

    Soyo Dragon motherboard socket 478
    Intel Celeron CPU with 533 FSB
    Ultra 512 MB PC 3200 DDR memory
    MSI MX-4000 memory card

    Possible problems
    1) memory bus speed not in sync with FSB
    2) video card causing problems
    3) motherboard sucks

    We tried
    My PNY video card, worked for a while then froze up
    Memory bus speed is set to auto in the BIOS, so should automatically
    clock back the right speed
    Can't update bios because you don't have a floppy drive, although that
    could be fixed
    Can't start in safe mode for some reason
  2. mailpup

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    Can you try another known good power supply?
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