CyberSniper Stinger Mouse: I want to know about it

By Malstrom
Oct 8, 2008
  1. Dose any 1 have the Newish CyberSniper Stinger Mouse? "If so" i have some questions

    -Dose it work well with Windows Xp 64-bit?

    -is the rubber on it cheap because i have a Razer and the Rubber on it is all worn off and shedding and it does not work well at all with WinXp64 Horrible Drifting and not accurate

    -and do they have good support always coming out with new drivers and stuff like that i know its not over priced at all and from what i see is the best mouse out but i dont want to take a Chance with a new Company like i did with Razer and i feel i got Screwed over 80 bucks for a mouse that it already worn out after 1 year and dose not even work right with my OS..

    So please if any 1 knows im in the market for a new mouse cause my Razers Are just pissing me off and no 1 knows how to fix it.
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