D:\ is not accessible. Incorrect function.

By tony777
Jul 16, 2007
  1. Hello everybody! :) I have that message showing, and I don't know how to fix it. The cause is undoubtedly my installing and removing multiple writing/burning programs. The attempts at fixing have been: Uninstall and reinstall, update and rollback driver/updated from manufacturer site as well, system restore, multiple bug scans, driver updates for Nero, remove upper & lower filters from registry, a couple of things with goat's blood and get the picture. It all started when I couldn't get my standalone DVD player to recognize the disc I burned with Nero, then I tried using other programs. I think I need newer media and newer dvd players. I can burn discs but it bothers me that I get this message and the recording tab is missing from properties-oh yeah, services > IMAPI > start. Well, I can still burn & stuff so I'm not upset just curious as to the etiology of this & solution. Thanks all & hope you all have more willpower to get away from this thing more often than I. :grinthumb
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    Thanks. Yes. That actually would be easier. I initiated a bunch of different burning & editing programs then deleted some at the time it failed, so I'm guessing a driver protocol was replaced then deleted with a particular program or something of the sort! I can burn files & it plays when I double click but only if there's a disc in the drive-it used to open without one. As well, the recording tab came up missing & despite registry filters & starting on services I can't get it back-reinstalled as well. I'd love to understand this fully but I guess that comes with a degree in programming. New drive coming soon anyway!
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