D3dx9_34.dll missing -- anyone have it?

By JamesDStorey
Jul 12, 2011
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  1. Hi to all,

    When I'm trying to start my Warhammer online client after I've downloaded the patch it says I miss "d3dx9_34.dll" , What can I do ?
  2. mailpup

    mailpup TS Special Forces Posts: 6,980   +362

    Go to Microsoft's download site and download and install DirectX 9 and see if that solves the problem.
  3. nubki11a

    nubki11a TS Rookie Posts: 33

    Just google it if it isn't fixed yet. And you'll find numerous download links. Just put the file in your System32 folder.
  4. MMDominator88

    MMDominator88 TS Rookie Posts: 119

    @ OP - JamesDStorey, is this still an issue or have you fixed it?
  5. c3h899

    c3h899 TS Rookie Posts: 37

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