Date and time problem in windows xp

By raju1234
Jan 4, 2007
  1. The date and time gets changed automatically once the windows xp is shutdown. Instead of 2007, when restarted it shows the year as 16259, because of that the system doesn't operate properly. How to set it right? please help me?
  2. nismo91

    nismo91 TS Evangelist Posts: 900   +15

    hello and welcome to techspot:)

    Have you checked your battery condition?
    (Small button battery in the motherboard)
    Most probably this will happen if the battery is exhausted.
    If the new battery doesn;t change anything, please show your complete system specifications so that it could ease other TSmembers to help you.
  3. tomrca

    tomrca TS Rookie Posts: 1,000

    yep! sounds like the battery
  4. RunForest3

    RunForest3 TS Rookie

    Question, How do you get to the battery in the motherboard. Where is the battery located once you open the mother board. New to this. I have the same problem as raju1234. Thanks
  5. gbhall

    gbhall TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 2,425   +77

    The battery is a silver, round, flat thing 2 cm in diameter, like a coin. It is usually a type CR2032. There is a little clip on one side which you push back with a pen cap etc, and the battery will pop out. When you take it out, the CMOS will drain in a few moments or a few minutes and your bios will reset to default. This could reset the date and time to the year 2002 or so. In other words dont take it out until you have the new one ready, unless you know what you are doing grubbing around in the bios.
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