Daughter wants to play SIMS...have Emachines T2200

By dtappeiner
Dec 11, 2006
  1. Ok, I am brand new here and not very tech savvy, so please bear with me.

    I bought the Emachines computer for just basic home computer use and thenone day my daughter decided she wanted to play SIMS. We installed SIMS, but seemed to have many installation problems and the game bever worked correctly. I have no promised her that I would get the SIMS working for her. I did some browsing and it looks like I could possibly upgrade the video card and that might work? If so, any suggestions would be very much appreciated.

    Being that is this time of year, I really do not have the money to go out an buy a new gaming computer. We have a decent laptop that handles all of our other computer needs and this computer would only be used to run SIMS games. Is there a place where I could buy a computer (used or new) that would fit this purpose? Am I better off trying to fix up the Emachines or just getting something new?

    Thanks guys!
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