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By LinkedKube
Mar 13, 2007
  1. Okay I'm a noob, we all know this. When I buy ram and it says ddr 1000 or 1200 is this the native speed that it runs at from factory. Is the concept same a cpu's as you buy a cpu that runs at 800fsb or 533fsb or w/e. Then you change the fsb through bios etc? Same concept right? I was wondering if I bought pc 10000 ddr2 would I be able to run it in a mobo that stats 6400 is the highest I can run. So is it more so dependent on the ram or the mobo?
  2. tipstir

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    Now your problem is which RAM to buy? What does that MOBO say for you to buy? Look in your manual it should tell you, but better yet go to the MOBO and see what you can buy?
  3. LinkedKube

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    Its says ddr2 800, which is currently what I have. but i see some people overclocking to 900 with 800 ram, so wondering if its more dependent on the ram then the mobo. I figured my mobo might run something higher, just need some advise from someone who's done something similar or at least knows this stuff
  4. LinkedKube

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    I was just on newegg a second ago and saw some customer reviews of people running ddr2 900 right out of the box on ddr2 800 boards, hmmm
  5. tipstir

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    You want to OC the RAM then make sure you get the RAM that has heatsinks or coolers on them. Check out NewEgg and compare.

    So you are using DDR2 800 - 800MHz

    Read this about OC the above DDR2 800

    Change the RAM timing, if your MOBO has those features though...
  6. Tedster

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    before you rush out and buy ram, read the upgrading ram and troubleshooting guide in the guides forum.
  7. sghiznaneck

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    Before you get all wrapped around the axle about overclocking your RAM, you should really add some RAM. 1 gig is ok, but you're not taking advantage of the processor until you've got two gigs in it. Overclocking RAM is a bit trickier than overclocking the processor. RAM will fry a lot faster than the cpu will.
  8. KingCody

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    the RAM's speed rating is simply the fastest stable speed that the RAM is guaranteed [by the manufacturer] to operate at.

    it is dependant on both. the default speed will be set to the slower of the two. for example:
    • if your motherboard can run PC2-10000 and you install PC2-6400, by default it will run at PC2-6400
    • if your motherboard can run a maximum of PC2-6400 and you install PC2-10000, by default it will run at PC2-6400
    • in both examples it runs at PC2-6400, because that is the slowest of the two speeds.

  9. LinkedKube

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    thank you, and im plan on buying 2 gigs of ram right now, not sure what brand is best, i dont want to spend more than 200 usd
  10. tipstir

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    OCZ but check on NewEgg and read the reviews, if you still wanted to OC. But a lot here don't recommend it. Like I had said if your MOBO supports that feature it's up you.
  11. LinkedKube

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    i know that no one likes to push overclocking, its a personal responsiblity thing. I just want to experiment and see what I can get on this board by changing timings and such. Maybe it will help my cpu overclock with my new ram. No one has overclocked a e6300 higher than 2.4 on the board I have, maybe I can get higher.
  12. CMH

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    I reckon for the best overclock possible, you'd be looking at watercooling, and changing your NB cooler. Then get one of those thermalright RAM heatpipe coolers.

    Then you'd probably beat 2.4ghz.
  13. LinkedKube

    LinkedKube TechSpot Project Baby Topic Starter Posts: 3,481   +44

    damn this sucks. I'd have to change my whole rig then. I was thinking of buying the coolit thermoelectric cpu cooler, they have a newer version with blocks for your gpu and ram
  14. tipstir

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    All my CPUs 3 AMD x64 and 1 Intel Prescott are OC and Nvidia Video Cards all 4 of them are OC to the MAX in 4 of my built systems. All are network NIC tweak to the max system memory caches are max tweak. They run very fast, and they're kept very cool though and run 24/7. I never bother with the timing on the RAM I did try one of AMDs to see any difference, turn out the same.

    Good luck to you supersmashbrada... :)
  15. CMH

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    You'd see more performance from your TEC cooler on water than on air. And you'd have to be very careful about TEC coolers, or anything that'll bring temps to below ambient. Condensation kills your comp faster than overclocking ever will.

    Which means you'll be having a swell time waterproofing the area about the TEC. Its not impossible, but its not giong to be easy, especially if the TEC set does not come with waterproofing materials.

    I actually researched up the topic of TEC cooling quite extensively sometime last year. I decided that its not really worth it, mainly because my comp runs 24/7, and TEC cooling will double or treble my running costs...
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