Dell Dimension 2400 Memory Help

By ColdFusion1990
Aug 1, 2006
  1. I have a Dell Dimension 2400. I currently have 1Gb of RAM installed (2x 512Mb). Recently, I visited the Crucial website to system scan my computer. Unexpectedly, I found out that my system can hold up to a maximum of 2GBs! I couldn't believe it so I did some more researching. Most of the sites, (crappy memory sites), and they all say it can only hold 1GB. I would really really like to have 2Gbs or Ram. But I don't want to go and spend all that money and find out I can only use 1. I need help with knowing whether I can get 2gbs of ram. If anyone has a 2400, please give me some info. Thanks.
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    Thanks. That sux though
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    Check this link out its from "vnfultra" he is experianced with dell pc's... click on the link below... its another form based on Dell dimension 2300-2400 series... anyways gudluck... oh and my advice replace your mobo...

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