Dell e310 dimension

By Nicagirl
Feb 18, 2007
  1. Can Anybody hel me? i've been trying to know how to make my computer work. ok what i Want to do is Watch Videos i have On My COMPUTER To My TV. so the signal Going out to my TV. and i called dell a bunch of time and the mother#%#$$# dont know sh#% what they told me is that my computer needs a video card that has an S-ViDEO PORT because my computer doesnt have an S-VIDEO PORT on the back or front, but my TV does, and it is NOt AN HDTV TELEVISION!! PLEASEEEEE HELP. This Gurl Would Appreciate A Lot.
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    If you don't have an S-video port, you need to get a graphics card with an S-video port =). It can be a very cheap one as long as it has the mentioned S-video port. And it needs to be able to fit in your dell (that is, PCI-Express x16/AGP/PCI, gotta be right one that your Dell has). The best thing to do is to get a cheap PCI video card as your dell is practically guaranteed to have a PCI slot.

    Also, this isn't a cell phone. Typing correctly isn't much of a hassle.
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    a problem with our dell e310 dimension ccu


    I am so glad to find this forum. I am relatively new to this and am somewhat of a cyberphobe.
    This weekend, my Dell E310 Dimension sent me a message of an error report and asked if I wanted to forward it or cancel it. I forwarded it and the CCU closed the program I was running and then everything else.
    When I restarted it, the CCU beeped six time and the terminal's operating light turned green, then yellow, then went dark. That is all I am getting from the CCU when I restart it now.
    I bought this computer in December, 2005.
    Any ideas?


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