Dell GX280 solid amber light after coke spillage!

By samwass
Apr 16, 2010
  1. Hello, (she says through gritted teeth)

    My son spilt a glass of coke around my pc tonight, as I was cleaning the keyboard I assume I hit the power off button as it shut itself down. I decided this probably wasnt such a terrible thing so I could continue to clean the keyboard and the rest of the mess. I then powered it up and the fan ran furiously (louder than normal) with a solid amber light from the power button and monitor power button. I turned it all of at the power point then turned it all back on, same again. So I decided to remove it open it up and check for moisture inside. There was no moisture in and around the mother board or anywhere else that I could see other than some coming out of the plastic case area which I cleaned (also vacuumed it out to remove dust), but the metal case / base and all insides looked fine. After a while I plugged it back in but same again, fan going flat out and just amber lights. Oh yes and I tried the mouse from it on another computer and it won't work either!

    Which part is cactus?

    Can I retrieve any of the information / files from the hard drive? I have an Acer and a HP Compact, am I able to put the hard drive into either of these to get my files?

    I had files I hadn't backed up on there ( I know it's a sin)

    Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

    Ok my husband the computer illiterate came up with the solution! I can't believe it, but I suppose it's common sense, he said maybe the keyboard was shorting it out, so I unplugged all usb ports and what do you know, it's fired up!!!! He's been told he's a genius, I'm sure he's happy the swearing and carry on is over! The son will be pleased also that he's not being held responsible for killing my computer!

    Thanks anyway
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