Dell Inspiron 1100 issues...

By 30secondstoMars
Jul 3, 2006
  1. Hello there. My sister recieved a Dell Inspiron 1100 for her graduation about four years ago and she's having problems with it after never mistreating it noticably. M'kay... the problem is that when the laptop is turned on and she attempts to put in her password to get on her computer the keyboard seems to recieve input from nowhere. No keys are being pressed, yet the text box for her password is automatically filled and it won't recognize any keys when they are actually pressed. Also, the mouse seems to do about the same... It won't be touched and it would creep up the screen or disappear completely. There are other times when her laptop won't even give a visual what-so-ever.

    If anyone knows of anything that can be done I'd really appreciate any helpful advice.
  2. pcaceit

    pcaceit TS Rookie Posts: 315

    Hi there. you dont say whether this happens at windows logon or whether it is a system (bios based) logon. but anyway it sounds to me like virus activity and you should run a virus recovery program that boots from from a CD and then when you get the system started run a full system scan with updated antivirus software.
  3. 30secondstoMars

    30secondstoMars TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Um... I thought I made it pretty clear that it was at the Windows Log on... Anyway, I'll try that.
  4. Tedster

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  5. 30secondstoMars

    30secondstoMars TS Rookie Topic Starter

    That link didn't help in the slightest. The computer does not recognize key board input. When the password text box is clicked the laptop rapidly enters characters into the text box without any key being pressed on the key board... I'll try finding an anti virus program as previously stated.
  6. flbravelord

    flbravelord TS Rookie

    Inspiron 1100

    I keep getting this message: windows root>\system32\hall.dll. Can someone help me? Do i need the windows xp disk?
  7. bushwhacker

    bushwhacker TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 783

    Yes, use your cd to recover it.
  8. flbravelord

    flbravelord TS Rookie

    It appeared that my Aunt has misplaced the cd. I have the drivers but now i have to find a copy of windos xp
  9. bushwhacker

    bushwhacker TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 783

    Do you still have a serial number on the case or the bottom of laptop?

    If you do, please pm me and i will give you something to download a original copy of windows xp ( non-pirated ).

    I'm not allowed to post anything in TechSpot, due to their piracy rules.

  10. flbravelord

    flbravelord TS Rookie

    Yes i do still have the product key on the bottom of the lap top
  11. bushwhacker

    bushwhacker TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 783

    what is says..

    Microsoft Windows XP _________ ?

    And please DON"T post the serial here. DON'T.

    I need to determine which version you have.

    Home or Professional

    When you tell me, i can send you a torrent for you to download and burn it.
  12. flbravelord

    flbravelord TS Rookie

    She has XP Home
  13. bushwhacker

    bushwhacker TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 783

    I emailed a torrent of a original windows xp home. Make sure you disregard the included serial key and use the serial key from the bottom of the laptop.

    Thank you for stopping by Techspot and come back here again in the future!
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