Dell Inspiron 5100 won't boot blank screen no noises no permanent lights

By darkrider
Apr 21, 2011
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  1. Dell inspirion 5100 won't boot,already replaced power jack,problem improved slightly now shows following ,where as previously nothing.
    with no battery + external power power and batttery light flash green every 10 sec .
    with battery + external power power momentary flash twice of battery ,power and drive. battery light bright other two dull . no fan or other noise apparent screen stays blank.
    Any ideas of source of problem, Help. need service manual , only found fsm for pull apart no info on servicing/repair or trouble shooting. nyome have a link to same. can't locate bios battery counldn't see it any where on mother board ,? wher is it would replace if new where it was. Any help apreciated
  2. Mark56

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  3. Tmagic650

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    The motherboard is probably bad. Heat is the culprit for the failure most of the time
  4. darkrider

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    Thanks for replies Mark56 and Tmagic 650 ,and for help. Currently trying to get manuals from link you gave me , And will check over board for heat damage, is there a way to see what components most likely heat effected ie breakdown solder joints etc. I am no techno wizard but learn quickly. I will look over board again to see if can spot anything obvious wrong.
  5. Tmagic650

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    "And will check over board for heat damage, is there a way to see what components most likely heat effected ie breakdown solder joints etc?"...

    It's much easier to find these things on a desktop motherboard. Laptop motherboards have smaller components in a much smaller area, and they are surface mount components. If you see any burned areas, the motherboard is toast anyway. You can get good deals on replacement motherboards from EBay
  6. darkrider

    darkrider TS Rookie Topic Starter

    dell site

    working through dell site, FSM no real;help. as it was same as one already had ,only gives disassembly diags. no diagnostic info etc. can't find a trouble shooting section that is of any real value,nor anything that describes/explains reason for light patterns. will keep at it as time permits ,may end up with replacing board or salvaging for parts, if not cost viable.
  7. Tmagic650

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    There is no more need for troubleshooting this laptop. All you need is the disassembly info. You may be able to get a good used motherboard, but Dell replacement parts are among the most expensive. They want you to buy a new laptop. I have purchased HP, Toshiba and Sony laptop motherboards for less than $100. Dell motherboards go for around $250 or higher
  8. GeforcerFX

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    yeah u got heat

    those inspiron systems were notorious for overheating, desktop P4's with only one fan my XPS has 3 fans and the p4 clevo i have has 2 fans. i hade a 5150 and a 1150 both die this wayy, luckily a new mobo will run u cheap on ebay since it's flooded with these systems and there parts. to be honest i would prob get a different system or get a slower p4 to avoid the heat issue. if i remember correctly the cmos battery is on the palm rest on the bottom it's like green and has a lipo look to it.

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