Dell latitude D600 master password needed! Plz!

By dumle
Jun 28, 2006
  1. Hi all!
    Sorry for starting a new thread on a common problem...
    Been into a strange situation lately...

    *short version* Met very nice a girl recently and have been dating her for some weeks. She messed up her laptop couple a days ago by changing the master password and now she can´t remember what is was! (Is she really in love maybe?? ;-) )

    I said: - I'll fix it for you, honey! No problem!

    I tried to send Mr Rustam_ a private mess and later on an email asking for help, but I didn´t got any response...?! Did I do something wrong???

    I had to get back to her and admit that I couldn´t help her out :-( , so she went with shame to her companys IT-guys and they should contact Dell for a master password.

    Guess what?? Dell won´t help them! There are some issues with the purchase order or something! She has lot of stuff on that laptop that she's been working on lately and is really upset about it!

    Please! Is there anyone here at this forum that could generate a new Dell latitude D600 master password??


    Service tag: 5WQ6Z0J-595B
  2. dumle

    dumle TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Im a happy guy!

    Big thanks goes to the one and only:

    Mr Rustam_ !!! ... for helping us out!


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