Device driver problems, what now ?

By sadgyrl514
Jan 10, 2006
  1. Okay, so I now now why my comp is acting so badly.

    Apparently there's a deivce driver that's not installed that is important to the comp. BUT I dunno where to find it or what exactly i'm looking for, so I need some help.

    When I gop into my device manager, the thing that says there's no drivers for it is something that says .......


    (yes its written twice)

    What exactly is a pci mass storage controller and how do i find out how to get the proper drivers for such a thing(s) ???

    I appreciate the help !
  2. sadgyrl514

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    incase u need to know, my O/S is win 98 SE
  3. luvr

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    Could be the IDE interfaces (there will be two of them) - it's what the traditional type of harddisks will be connected to. Do you find anything like harddisk controllers in separate entries?

    Since you're using Win98, the problem could be the configuration of your IDE interfaces in BIOS - There exists some kind of "modern" mode (of which I cannot remember the name for the moment) vs. the "legacy" mode (which may also be called differently); "legacy" mode will keep your IDE interfaces on IRQs 14 and 15 (where Win98 expects them to be), while "modern" mode may move them around (screwing up Win98).

    Otherwise, it could be that your motherboard supports S-ATA, and S-ATA is turned on in BIOS - It's next to impossible to get S-ATA support working in Win98 in conjunction with the two IDE interfaces. IF your motherboard supports S-ATA, the "modern" vs. "legacy" modes of the IDE interfaces may have to be configured at the same BIOS setup screen where S-ATA can be enabled or disabled.

    Without any further details, there's really not much more that I can tell you. Do you happen to know what type (brand and model) of motherboard your computer is using?
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