Doom 3 Control

By stubbs
Jun 16, 2005
  1. Hi - recently bought Doom 3, and am a bit disappointed to find I cannot use a joystick. Do any of you know a way round this? Is it possible to rewrite the .CFG file?
    All help will be gratefully recieved!
    stubbs :eek:
  2. guy

    guy TS Rookie

    you should realy REALY get used to using the keyboard and mouse trust me i used to want to use a joystick but my bro forced me to use the keyboard and mouse and it is so much easier ull get used to it realy fast
  3. BringinHeat

    BringinHeat TS Rookie Posts: 139

    Agreed with above when it comes to First person shooters there is no substitute for a good WASD keyboard mouse configuration. Try it use it love it. Joysticks and joy pads are only good for racing games and certain third person action games like GTA san andreas.

    Even game developers when making first person shooter games for the console have to cut corners and adjust with the control scheme they have. Where there is a certain amount of help by the computer in helping you target using a joypad.

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