Downgrade to Windows XP from Vista, Want to know all drivers and where to find them.

By ihatevista
May 18, 2008
  1. Hello All,
    I have a HP Pavillion laptop which has Windows Vista preinstalled. I want to downgrade to Windows XP. I contacted HP and they told they dont support as HP doesent have drivers for Windows XP. So I wanted to know a list of components on my system, the drivers needed and where I can find those drivers, so that I can do the downgrading by myself.

    I Hate Vista
  2. raybay

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    Many HP Pavilion computers, both laptop and desktop, do not provide drivers to downgrade from VISTA to WXP. When they do, they are listed on the HP web site.
    Otherwise, you have to get the part numbers and chip numbers off each device, then do a search at the various driver sites.
    Sometimes with HP, there is no alternate driver for XP.
  3. austincpdist

    austincpdist TS Rookie

    ahh, you got yourself in quite a pickel here.

    well ive done it before on some laptops but its freaking hard. when you get the device id/chip! is a good place to start.

    sometimes (like was said) the drivers don't even exist so you have to find a generic one that will work. this means a lot of uninstalling and installing. but good luck.

    i reccommend- get used to vista. pretty soon xp will not be sold and vista use will go up the kazoo. try getting more RAM if thats your problem, but otherwise ( i hate to say it) just get used to it. i dont like vista either
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