Driver problem, or what?

  1. **I am not a computer person.**

    It's not even like I was playing games with high res graphics, it just suddenly became low resolution overnight. It's an old Windows XP, around six years old. It was functioning find the day before, but became crap quality.

    I tried changing properties and increasing the resolution and quality, and nothing happened. I reinstalled the driver, I tried system restore for three different days, none of it worked. I don't think the graphics card was damaged because under the driver manager thing, there wasn't any indication that anything was damaged. I thought it might have been part of the monitor, but I hooked it up to a smaller monitor and the same problem happened.

    This might have happened due to low disk space (although I still don't understand how I literally didn't do anything and it changed overnight) or overheating. A couple days ago, it was really hot and the AC wasn't on. I heard some weird noises coming from the computer, which I thought was the fan running overtime to cool off the computer. The computer was fine for three days before it reverted into this condition.

    Does anyone know anything that could possibly help? Even a link to a thread with a similar problem would be nice.
    I am thinking of either sending it to a repair shop or just buying a new computer, since it's so old anyways, (OR IS IT? Would this be something I should just replace instead of fixing? Is it going to be worth it?)
  2. toostupidtocare

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    Never mind, fixed!
  3. St1ckM4n

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    How did you fix it? It will help others looking for a similiar issue.

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