Dual boot problem

By fiddler
Dec 9, 2004
  1. Hi guys,
    It seems I was a bit hasty when I said that I had found the solution to my prob already!
    I know that dual booting has been thrashed to bits on this forum, and I've tried, but have been unable to find an answer that exactly fits my prob, which is this-:
    I have xp and ME on one drive, my xp started to play up, mic not working, unable to upload photos etc. So I did an overlay install (repair). It got stuck and gave me an error....'entry point not found......getiums....msdart.dll not found' . Anyway, after restarting and booting into ME, I found the soluton to that prob and continued with the install, but it wiped out sp1 and media player refused to work etc,etc.
    So I bought a 120 gb hd and set it up and installed xp onto it, but when everything had finished I didnt get the boot menu to allow me to choose which xp to boot into, so I wiped it and reinstalled, just the same!
    I have System commander v7.03, ready to put on, but I remember having a bit of trouble with it some time back.
    This is how my drives are setup:-
    120gb with xp (15gb partitiion) primary master
    cd player...................... primary slave
    80gb with xp and ME.............secondary master
    cdrw ...............................secondary slave
    Is winMe likely to be causing any of this? I want to take it off, but I think it's not just a matter of formatting the partition that it's on, am I right?
    I can boot into any os by altering the boot priority in the bios, and each xp can see the other.
    What I want to do eventually is set up xp on my 120gb hd and migrate over to it, and then format the damaged xp partition, and clean instal xp, so that I end up with xp on each hd.
    Thanks for your time
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