DVD burner problems

By chrispapa
Dec 8, 2004
  1. icon1976

    icon1976 TS Rookie

    Set from PIO back to DMA

    Hey you with the PIO problems. Read post 14 and 16 in this same thread. I think one of them even has a link describing in detail how to fix this problem. I was able to fix mine with a simple system restore, but the DVD burner worked originally. For some reason certain things cause windows to set the ATAPI/IDE controller to PIO. If you can't find how to fix in this thread continue searching for "Setting to DMA from PIO" or something like that. Good luck.
  2. dinga6969

    dinga6969 TS Rookie

    Thanks Icon1976

    I appreciate the head up on those. I actually noticed those when I first scrolled through but upon checking my settings saw that they were already set to DMA when available but still were running in PIO. I didn't bother to look further because I was still kinda messing with different things and since they were set to DMA I figured thats all I could do. I have since read elsewhere that if you change it to PIO and accept it, then go back in and set it back to DMA when available it will put it back in DMA. There is also supposedly a registry edit that will stop XP from swithing it back to PIO once it is running in DMA. I haven't been able to try it yet but if it works I'll be happy to post it on here to spread the word. Thank you again.
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