Dvd writer wont burn

By Lee180
Mar 10, 2005
  1. My sister has had her pc about 8 months but has only tried to use the Dvd burner to burn a Dvd for the first time over the last couple of days but we are having problems. The Dvd writer fitted in the pc is a RICOH CD+DVD WRITER MP5240A and she is using Nero 6 ultra edition with the dvd plugin. I gave her some dvd-r disc's that use which work fine for me with the same nero software but when she put one in her pc it it took ages for nero to load, take the disc out and nero loaded fine. When it finally got to the dvd burn option a message came up saying the writer could not use the media in the drive. Does this sound like a writer problem or just a case of the writer having trouble with the Dvd-r, if it's the media does anyone know what type of Dvd-r this writer will accept. Be grateful for any advice.
  2. ripken204

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    odds are that her burner doesnt support thr burning of dvd-r
  3. ripken204

    ripken204 TS Rookie Posts: 139

  4. mcshelman

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    Same product... same problem

    Our drive is the same model. Rocoh mp5340A. When we go into control panel it shows this drive being a cd drive. We bought a new drive thinking this would clear up the problem... not the answer either?
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