Either a dodgy moniter, or my new computer wont POST, please help!

By Diomedes1
Dec 22, 2005
  1. Hi, i just a built a new pc with a 7800Gt in it. When i first started it up, everything ran, all fans were spinning, temp was ok in the components, but there was no action from the Hd or anything. I think i can solve this, as i may has simply misplaced the little adapters for the hd light. The thing that i found really weird was that when i use the DVI/D-SUB Adapter, the moniter goes on standby instantly (i have to use the adapter due to having a really old moniter). The DVI/D-SUB Adapter doesnt even have to be connected to the graphics card, it can just be left on its own, and once i stick the socket for my moniter in it the moniter instantly goes on standby, as soon as i take it out again it comes back on green. Why on earth is this? I have no way of visually finding out the state of my computer (though i dont hear any beeps from the bios).

    Can somone please help?
  2. gilloz

    gilloz TS Rookie Posts: 88

    Hello Diomedes1:

    Am I to understand you that you plug things in and out with your computer running? I was under the impression that you could cause a spike or surge on any one of many connections on a connector that could give you a problem while powered up. Most monitors today go into the Sleep mode or give you a warning that no video signal is present, before going into the Sleep mode. I personally would never plug any peripherals to my computer while both of them were ON. If I am wrong in that assumption, judging from your thread, I take back what I said above. Can you get another monitor as a test unit to verify your system?
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