Error Caused by Driver Device

By BenRain
Sep 25, 2006
  1. Ever since I have purchased my computer, my computer makes wierd clicking noises, even after upgrading multiple things inside. The cause of it still I don't know. Anyway, Windows has occasionally just restarted itself as if the power was cut off and brought back to the black startup screen. Last week, I had to reformat for whatever and reupdated all the drivers etc etc. Yesterday, I get the first crashing error, which is a "serious error" and was caused by a driver device. I was unable to access the minidump files because they said they were in use and when I closed the error reporting utillity the files deleted theirselves. I don't know what the clicking is coming from but I don't think that's a big concern but might have something to do with it. The error just happened about 10 mins ago. I think Winamp might be the cause of it but sometimes when I ALT tab out of programs in the past, it might have triggered the error, it didnt happen often but it did happen after doing something like that.

    My PC Model is an HP a1410n. Since I purchased it, I have upgraded the graphics card to an ATI Radeon X1600, 400W power supply, and a Creative Audigy 4 sound card. Even after upgrading all those parts and running PC Doctor, which came with the PC. PC Doctor reports no problems with the hardware, so what are the possiblities that cause this? Thanks for the help
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