Exchange Server?

By xxdanielxx
May 16, 2008
  1. hey i had some questions if anyone can help

    1. Should we use exchange server on the same server were using to host the company POS or main program? This is a SBS 2003 so exchange came installed.

    2. Can exchange support multiple accounts not user but mailbox ex:,

    3. what hardware should a server that will host 4 different mailboxes have. Such as ram, cpu

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    Yes you should be fine.. Outlook clients if the user has more than one account you have to setup for those also if they have,, Exchange like most mail servers can handle different domains.

    Are you using a real server or workstation or just a desktop running SBS 2003? SBS is more demanding that Server 2003 Standard and Server 2003 Enterprise. Where those you can get by with 512MB to 1GB. I would recommend going to 2GB or 4GB depending how many users your going to support. 20 users 1GB would be find. Most companies I work for uses 4GB to 8GB supporting 500 to 1,500 users plus. Problems they run into is PST quota some give 10MB as other give 4GB per user but all those quickly runs out fast.
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    ok thanks for the information
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