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By cozzielex
Jan 12, 2010
  1. I recently bought a new pc, switiching from a laptop to a desktop. Sometime later I heard rumours that my vendor was something of a rogue and a few little incidents I had tended to bear this out. Perhaps because of this I have become overly suspicious when minor glitches appear on my computer and again perhaps I am overly and unnecessarily concerned.

    I have 6 USB ports of which 4 are at the rear. I use them for my keyboard, mouse and headphones.

    I also have a dongle internet connection which will only work from a front port. My first question arises from this as when I looked in Device Manager this is listed under cd/dvd-rom devices and is described as such in 'properties'. Why would this be so? and could this have led to some conflict that caused my real cd drive to temporarily disappear a few day ago. (It's ok and works just fine now).

    Secondly, I have a Maxtor/Seagate exterior drive which is shown as K drive. from time to time it disappears but re-appears if I disconnect and re-connect. Usually it goes when I switch off the computer overnight. I have tried changing the ports but the same thing happens. I downloaded Seatools for windows and the device passed the tests. So there is nothing wrong with the device, as far as I can determine there is nothing wrong with the ports (they work ok with my other devices). So why does K drive keep disappearing?

    I should point out that this is not a major issue in practical terms since I only use that exterior drive for storage, but I have this nagging feeling that something is wrong, perhaps because of what I have written in my first paragraph.

    So my questions in brief are:-
    1. Why does my internet dongle appear as a cd/dvd-rom device; and
    2. Why does drive K keep disappearing? (by the way I error-checked this drive and nothing showed up)
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