Extremely Slow Computer. Need advice.

By ziefer846
Feb 20, 2016
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  1. So, I have been running this PC that I build several years back. Very recently, it has been running extremely slowly. The only things that I have changed recently have been the OS (upgraded to Windows 10 64-bit) and I also upgraded the RAM from 4 gb to 8 gb. I expected the computer to speed up, but instead it has become painfully slow. I use it to run League of Legends and it is giving me major fps drops. I just did a Windows Restart (Clean restore) and the computer has gotten even slower. Any suggestions?

    Specs: OS: Windows 10 Home 64-bit (10.0, Build 10586) System Manufacturer: Gigabyte Technology System Model: H55M-S2H BIOS: Award Modular BIOS v6.00PG Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5 CPU 760 @ 2.8GHz (4CPUs), ~1.2GHz Memory: 8192 MB RAM DirectX Version: 11.2 Display: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 550 Ti
  2. Cycloid Torus

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    What could cause..."slow computer"?

    Heat throttling due to dust blanket inside - clean inside of computer

    Heat throttling due to hardened thermal paste on CPU or GPU or southbridge - clean & replace (see Youtube for videos on this)

    Virus / trojan / rootkit - run several scans and if any 'surprises', pursue in Virus Removal topic in next forum

    Failing PSU - check voltage and temps against norms using HWInfo (

    Failing HDD - check SMART, run cleanup/defrag, replace

    Drivers: need updated drivers to make your system work well with Win10 - check motherboard manufacturer's site

    RAM mismatch: some upgrades do not work too well - confirm memory is on supported list at motherboard manufacturer and that it is in the right slots as per manual and that the BIOS matches specifications (I once had a RAM upgrade -"totally compatible" per RAM vendor which required a slight adjustment to voltage to work properly).

    Let us know what you find.
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