File Path Too Long = Currupted Files?

By maniac_lonestar
Jul 10, 2007
  1. I was wondering that if I stored one of my files in a long file path like:

    C:\Program Files\Microsoft Encarta\Movies\Long\Human\Anatomy\Skin\Epidermis\Cells\etc\etc\etc\etc\etc\etc\etc\etc\etc\epidermis.jpeg

    Would the file become currupt? Would be too long to actually even exist?
    I was wondering because this happens everytime I try to make myself a backup cd with folders going extremely deep into the directories, and it wont let me burn the cd. This also happens when I extract an RAR file with long file names, so I have to open up the archive and copy the file into a smaller directory.

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    Each filesystem has different restrictions, typical issues are:
    1. file-name-length,
    2. directory-name-length, and
    3. directory nesting depth.

    These three combine to create a Path-Name-Length.

    The ISO 9660 (the basic CD filesystem) limit of directories may only be nested eight deep.
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    The thing is windows is limiting the file path to 256 symbols.

    I’ve been using the following library that resolves the problem. It is not free, but comes with samples and working code. SLASH HERE product1733992.html

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    I would be more tempted to set this up as follows:
    Instead of
    C:\Program Files\Microsoft
    Encarta\Movies\Long\Human\Anatomy\Skin\Epidermis\Cells\etc\etc\etc\etc \etc\etc\etc\etc\etc\epidermis.jpeg

    Name Folder: Human Anatomy
    ....... Create Sub-folder: Skin
    ............... Create Sub -folder: Epidermis
    ....................... Create Sub-Folder: Cells

    If you find it necessary to set up the main folder named Encarta, do that, then start the tree as above-OR- if this folders is going to have Movies jpegs, text and you want to differentiate that, set up the Sub-Folders accordingly.

    But if you have one image of skin cells that you copied from Encarta, I'd name the file Skin Cells and let it go at that!

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